Add-on Install & Upgrade

Add-on Install & Upgrade 1.4.3

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This release is purely down to the hard work of @Xon. Thank you for working on this.

This update fixes the recent issue brought around by's move to nginx (and the much older move to https).

There are some other minor improvements moving to use things like template modifications rather than template hooks.

Everyone say thank you @Xon
  • Fixed problem where blank Resource URLs were not allowed. This allows you to stop auto checking an add-on for updates by removing its URL.
  • Fixed problem where a Resource URL could contain double //.
  • Fixed a problem that completely suppressed errors during add-on install.
In addition to the above bug fixes, the add-on Cron has now changed.

The update check process now only runs once a day and the time it is run is automatically randomised during the add-on install/upgrade.

You may wish to alter the Cron entry yourself which is still possible, but you will have to reapply those changes after each upgrade. Typically, I recommend just leaving it at the default random setting. This will help spread the load on the XenForo server across a wider period.
Just a quick update to fix issue reported by @Jeff Berry here.

Also re-added a some missing directories from the download package.
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This version includes a fix which no longer forces you to enter a non-HTTPS Resource Manager URL.

Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!

This version brings with it a small new feature that allows you to install multiple XML files with only one cache rebuild.

The file input now accepts multiple files:


Once you click install, it processes each one of the XML files, but doesn't run a cache rebuild until the end of the process.

This makes it possible for you to very quickly batch install lots of add-ons.

Coming soon: Probably a rewrite, improved code, improved error handling, improved Resource Manager integration (No ETA).
I think I may have identified a circumstance where blank index.html files were being created (often used to prevent direct access to a folder) where they shouldn't be.

This update ensures that blank index.html files are not created.
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This update brings a few stability improvements which should resolve most reported issues.

Some server errors now display more information or are caught and suppressed.
Bug fix to resolve undefined $caches error.
This update does not add any new features or fix any other issues.

But this release does make Add-on Install & Upgrade compatible with XenForo 1.2.x (and retains compatibility with XenForo 1.1.x).
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