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With the release of XF1.2 I've decided to comply with a long-requested change to how I do XenUtiles. In the past, I've included all of my admin tools into XenUtiles as a single omnibus package... people didn't like this. So instead, I will be separating packages into related features.

This specific package is for spam management. This mod will search accounts and profile posts for URLs and will display results in a list so you can quickly browse them and determine if any of them are spam.

  • Submit to StopForumSpam.
  • Batch Updater supported.


  • upload the contents of the attached zip to your XF root
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRutiles/Spam/addon-EWRutiles_spam.xml"
  • set options in administration control panel
As most of you know, I've been rewriting all my mods for "PRO" releases. However, I've decided that these XenUtiles features are pretty essential to most forums. So I've decided not to charge for the majority of XenUtiles features. If you appreciate my work, please consider a donation.
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Latest reviews

Excellent, very good addon thank for sharing this great tool for fast action. Thank you..............
Much Needed. Thanks :)
Really missed this - glad to see this part broken out of the whole!
Great tool. Thanks for breaking it apart from the rest.
Helped clean up my spam profiles extremely quickly! Thanks for this great addon.
Much was needed in this area and you're not charging the arm and the leg for it. Wait! No $10 for this one? No $5 for a few lines of text? Thanks for keeping it simple, and free. Based on this marketplace, it could output Hello world, and you'd get 5 stars because you're one of the few not charging $5 USD for it.
Great app - it's an invaluable tool for admins. I'm glad it's now available separately. Hopefully it will add a couple of extra features in the next version: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/8wayrun-com-xenutiles-spam.56528/#post-602641
Excellent, and all the much better for being split, yes its a little more work it install but it means that you only have to install what you need.
when everything is back in one app, it's great. Individually unfortunately too much to install and confusing.
Did you really give it 2/5 stars because its not bundled with other stuff?
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