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This is a great add-on. When you go to the home page, you get all the latest news and featured threads. This is very useful because you can add twitter feeds and a lot more.
nice addon i like it but i can't drag and i can't edit Layout so plis can some one help me plis .....
This addon is more than a portal. It has been very useful to display article content in an article fashion. That is my favorite feature! I look forward to seeing what Jaxel has planned for his next release. I know you can do it! ;-)
The only replacement for vB Advanced as far as I am concerned. Also the only current 3 column solution which some customers demand. The flexibility with block development is great. The plugin does lack support. But its free and still works.
Icant uninstall ewrportal does not
Great add-on for any forum. Perfect - fills the major gap that every XenForo forum comes across.
Very nice
Good, but steep learning curve and getting everything just the way you want is hard, especially as there doesn't seem to be much support and even the FAQ is outdated.
thank you
Great UI and the best way to change the XF to multi-purpose site.
I honestly love this add-on for Xenforo. I gave it 4 stars because it's a little hard to set the portal as your index page. I tried following the guide, but it's also almost 2 years outdated and only applied for versions 1.4 and 1.5. I managed to get the portal to be set on it's own page, but I couldn't get it to just be the portal, it would show the portal module, and then the forums under it.

If anyone has a fix for that, Please let me know :)
Exceptionally easy to setup and adds much needed functionality to the forums.
$50 to remove branding. LOL - You are too funny.
Great work here. Xenforo CEO should have in mind that some people buy their software just for this addon.
Such an awesome addon! Thank you it works great in 1.2.4
Great work, Jaxel!
XenPorta is the reason why I went from IPB to XenForo
Great, nice Portal :)
good portal but i ctill cannot fix it such way so my home page will not be as http://mysite.com/f/index.php?portal/
This question is literally answered at least once on EVERY page of the discussion thread.
Really nice portal..
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