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Unmaintained [8WR] Discord Integration 1.0.9

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  • Added Session Activity details to Discord pages so XenForo won't list the user as "Viewing Unknown page".
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug that produced a "type" error if your server either did not have any text channels, or did not have any voice channels.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug that produced a "null" error if you rebuilt some of your caches.
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  • Fixed errors with roles getting desync'd.
The way role-syncing works in the Discord API is, whenever you sync a user, it replaces that user's ENTIRE role tree. So if you don't include a role in the list, that role will be lost on the next sync. This is why originally role syncing was 1:1... and in order to make exclusionary role-syncing in the last version I had to double up on the API queries in order to do role comparisons between a user's old roles and the existing list of roles in XenForo's settings...

The problem with this came when people added new roles to their Discord server, but then did not go back to the XenForo Admin CP settings and specifically mark the new roles as "unspecified" (exclusionary) and clicking SAVE so that the new settings were stored in the XenForo database. Since the system did not know those roles existed, it was not considering them exclusionary.

This update makes it so that any roles which are not found in the XenForo database, are assumed to be exclusionary, even if the administrator did not set them up as so.​
  • Fixed a bug related to $userID not found.
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This is a very important update! There was a major security hole in the last version which needed to be fixed immediately! I won't mention exactly what it was, so that the exploit doesn't spread on forums which have not updated to this version yet... but know that you should update to this version as soon as possible!
  • This update also fixes caching issues with XenRio thumbnails.
  • This HOTFIX fixes an error that will spam your event log when the sync cron-job loops around for the first time.
  • The (unspecified) options for Role-Syncing are now EXCLUSIONARY! That means if you set the option to unspecified, the system will try to retain the existing setting for that role. In older versions, role syncing was 1:1, so if a role was unspecified, this addon would actually REMOVE that role from users during a sync. Now it no longer does that. If unspecified, the system will retain the setting for that role for that user on Discord.
  • There is a new cron-job system to better handle nightly role-syncs. Previously the cron-job would re-sync ALL users in a single job, which would hammer server resources and could lead to timeouts. The new system instead re-syncs a single user, every 5 minutes, throughout the entire day; as long as there are users who haven't been re-sync'd in over 24 hours. This of course means that you could technically only fit 288 role syncs in a single day, in which case after you reach 288 linked members on your forum, the sync process could take longer than 24 hours to loop back around to the beginning.
  • Added a check during registration/linking requiring a linked Discord account to be VERIFIED before it can be registered/linked.
  • Added a "Bot Channel" for the XenForo Resource Manager. This bot will now post new resources.
  • All bot channel posts will now use canonical links.
This is a small hotfix for 1.0.7b. If you already have 1.0.7, you do not need to run any upgrade scripts, just upload the files.
  • Fixes a server error that happens if you fail to give your bot admin permissions.
  • Fixes a server error when trying to uninstall the addon.
This is a quick update to meet a feature request. It is still recommended you read the patch notes for 1.0.6 if you have not already done so. After upgrading, make sure you review your settings, as some option names have changed.
  • Added the ability to disable Role Syncing; in case you wanted to disable that but still use the other features.
  • Nick Syncing and Role Syncing are now separated, so you can continue using Nick Syncing, even if you have Role Syncing disabled.
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This is a pretty big update, and changes the way messages are posted by your bot. Please read all the patch notes and read the FAQ before asking for support!
  • Forum events auto-posting by a chat bot on your Discord server were previously handled by webhooks. This is no longer the case. Messages are instead handled by your Public App Bot. Before your bot can post messages though, it needs to complete a single handshake with the Discord servers. This is simple, just click the "Connect" button in your admin CP, witness your bot momentarily come online on your server and the handshake is complete.

  • Instead of selecting webhooks for bot auto-posting, you can simply select which channels you want them to post to. You can delete the webhooks from your server if you wish.

  • The forum exclusion option field in the Admin CP has been removed. Exclusion settings have instead been moved to the Application > Node Tree section of your Admin CP. From each forum's edit screen, you can edit Discord Options on a forum-by-forum basis. You can exclude forums, as well as define them to specific channels, and assign custom messages.

  • Administrators can now post messages directly to the server as the bot from a link available on your chat page. You can even convert your message to a text-to-speech audio file.

  • Bot message [text](link) markdown has been removed from the default phrases. The Discord Devs don't actively support this markdown anymore and it doesn't show up properly on mobile platforms.
  • BUG FIX: bot messages will no longer post html entity translations.
  • BUG FIX: bot message links will no longer have broken links if you are behind a CDN.
  • Added webhook integration for XenRio. Whenever a FEATURED stream first goes live, it will be posted to a webhook. This REQUIRES XenRio 1.2.4 or later.
  • Webhook checkboxes for addons (XenRio, XenMedio, XenCarta) will now longer be displayed in the admin CP if you dont have that addon.
  • There is now a "Connect" button in the admin CP. This connect button completes a handshake between your server and your bot. This will allow you to turn the bot "online" for other functions, such as posting messages directly. I wrote these functions in, but then I realised that (text)[link] markup doesn't work with bots, only with webhooks. So for now, we'll continue to use the webhooks.
  • BUG FIX: the match bans function wasn't actually working... now it is.
  • Fixed a bug for when strict matching of nicknames was not enforced during a user's initial association of their xenforo account to their discord account.
  • Removed some "test" code.
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