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Unmaintained [8WR] Discord Integration 1.0.9

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  • Question: My bot doesn't seem to be applying changes to my guild/server members?
The bot you set up in the installation process can only edit users with less "power" than them. When you create a bot, it creates a special "managed role" just for the bot. This role MUST remain at the TOP of your roles list. Even if this managed role has administrator permissions, it still can not edit members below it in the hierarchy. So if you move the role to the bottom, it wont be able to edit even the weakest of members within your guild/server.
  • Question: I tested usergroup changes on myself and roles aren't getting applied on my server?
The bot you set up in the installation process can only edit users with less "power" than them. While this means it can assign roles to MOST users on your server, it can not edit the user who OWNs the server (which is probably you). This is because the owner of the server is at the top of the power hierarchy and the bot is below them; regardless of where their roles are in the role list.
  • Question: After setting up my bot the "Server Roles" section still says I need to set up my bot?
Your bot NEEDS administrator permissions. If you see this, it means you failed to give your bot administrator permission. Fixing this is easy. Just delete the "Server ID (guild)" information from your admin control panel and click save. When the page refreshes, it will give you an oppurtunity to assign your bot again. This time, make sure it gets administrator permissions.
  • Question: My bot is not auto-posting messages to my channels?
The bot needs to complete a handshake at least once with the Discord servers before it can auto-post messages. In your Admin CP, after you have set everything up, you will find a "Connect" button next to the Redirect URI text. Click this button. When you see your bot come "online" on your server's user list, you know you're done. That's it! Your bot will log off when you navigate away from your Admin CP; but you shouldn't ever need to click the connect button again.
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