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    • We will contact you after signup with instructions to get your community set up with your own domain or subdomain. You may also set up a domain name later if you prefer.
Choose where you want your community to be hosted. You may locate your community close to your site visitors, or in your own geographical region to accommodate international privacy laws such as the GDPR.
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  • $60 / month
  • $648 / year

Your questions answered

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  • What software is included?

    All XenForo Cloud plans include the complete XenForo software suite, including our Enhanced Search product.

  • Can I install add-ons, styles and languages?

    You can upload third-party styles, languages and add-ons through your admin control panel at any time, although some add-ons may be flagged for inspection prior to deployment to ensure the security of your site.

  • What will be the address for my community?

    You can specify a subdomain for one of our cloud domains, including our exclusive domain, such as If you'd like to use your own domain name, note it in the sign-up form and we will instruct you how to get it set up for use with XenForo Cloud.

  • Can I use my own domain name?

    It's easy to use your own domain name for your XenForo Cloud site. Once your site is running, we will provide you with simple instructions to edit your DNS records. You do not need to change your name servers or assign control of your domain name to us.

  • Do I own my community data?

    Yes. All content and data created through your XenForo Cloud plan belongs to you. If you cancel your subscription, you will be offered a complete copy of your content and data at no cost.

  • Is my data secure?

    XenForo Cloud systems are hardened against attack vectors to prevent data theft or leakage. Automated systems regularly snapshot and back up your data to off-site servers located in the EU for GDPR compliance purposes.

  • What security and protection is included?

    XenForo Cloud runs with SSL and includes built-in DDoS protection at no extra cost.

  • What happens if my site exceeds its allowances?

    If your site exceeds is allowed quota of page views or storage in any month, we will notify you of the excess. If the excess persists after a second month, we will automatically upgrade you to the next plan that accomodates your usage.

  • Can I upgrade if I need more allowances?

    You may switch to a plan with greater allowances at any time. We do not offer data storage over the specified amount with our starter, standard or business packages, although the XenForo software supports external storage providers such as Amazon S3.

  • What page views count against allowances?

    We only count page views that involve connecting to the database and rendering a complete page of HTML. Cached pages and simple file transfers are not counted.

  • Can I get direct SSH, FTP etc. access?

    XenForo Cloud is a fully managed service and as such, direct access to the server is not available. The ability to upload assets such as images for use in styles, new smilie graphics etc. is handled directly through the XenForo admin control panel.

  • Can I import my existing site?

    Yes! We can migrate your existing community running XenForo to XenForo Cloud for a small, one-off fee. We can also seamlessly import data from a wide range of forum software solutions into XenForo format, leaving your users able to access their account without having to reset or change their passwords. To find out more about migration or import and for indicative costs, please contact us.

  • What happens to search engine results when I move?

    If the URL of your site changes when you move to XenForo Cloud, we will leave behind a redirection system at your previous URL so that pages indexed by search engines are seamlessly redirected (using HTTP 301) to their corresponding new URL. No links are left orphaned and there is no SEO penalty for this approach.

  • Can you build a one-off enterprise plan?

    Let's talk! Open lines of communication with us and together we can build a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

  • But can it run Crysis?


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  1. Some page views are excluded from counters, plan allowances shall be at least the specified number.
  2. Total data storage use is calculated from the sum of the content database plus any files or media attached or uploaded to the service.
  3. The XenForo® software suite comprises the core software and all first-party add-ons, including XenForo Media Gallery, XenForo Resource Manager and XenForo Enhanced Search.
  4. The XenForo software supports extension via add-ons and a REST API.
  5. Hosted XenForo communities may be addressed by a custom domain name provided by the customer, or may otherwise specify a unique subdomain to be attached to one of our cloud domains.
  6. Prices are shown exclusive of VAT, which will be added at checkout for UK and EU customers at your local rate.
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