User Groups

User groups provide a way of quickly and easily assigning permissions, user titles, and styling to users.

This section is primarily related to the latter functions, permissions are covered elsewhere.

Managing User Groups

  1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Click on the User Groups icon.

XenForo has four pre-installed user groups; they are:

  • 1 - Unregistered / Unconfirmed
  • 2 - Registered
  • 3 - Administrative
  • 4 - Moderating

The user group title is self-explanatory with regards to the role of each one, and although the four default groups can be edited and changed, they can not be deleted.

Any number of additional user groups can be created. Some of the reasons for creating a new group could include for use with: user upgrades, forum permissions, or access to private or restricted forums.

When creating a new user group, consideration must be made as to how it will be used. If it is to complement a group which a user is already a member of, then only those permissions which differ need to be explicitly set. Everything else can be left as Not Set (No). If the group is intended to replace another group and be used in isolation, then all relevant permissions must be set.

Styling can be applied to user titles and user names, as discussed here.

If a user is moved to a new user group and that group is subsequently deleted, they will automatically be moved back to the Registered user group.

Group Membership

There is no distinction between primary and secondary user groups.

It is recommended however that all users have the Registered user group set as their primary user group and any additional groups they are members of are set as secondary groups. This makes it easy to manage permissions due to the cumulative nature in which they are applied.

A user can be a member of as many user groups as there are defined, with their final permission set being determined by the various settings in each group.

The group user title is overridden if a custom user title is entered on a user's profile.

The Display Styling Priority applies when a user is a member of more than one user group. The user's title and any styling will come from the group with the highest value.

So if for example, a user is a member of the Registered user group which has a display styling priority of 10, and the Moderating user group which has a value of 5, their user title and styling will be determined by the Registered user group.

It is recommended therefore that the values are carefully managed to ensure the correct attributes are applied in the case of multiple user group membership.

The User Search function can be utilized to list all the members of a particular user group.

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