Included within XenForo is a bespoke CAPTCHA system which can be used as an additional spam prevention measure.

If enabled, it requires questions to be answered correctly for new registrations and, if allowed, guests posting messages. This helps to prevent robots from registering and creating content.

Selecting a CAPTCHA Type

XenForo includes support for reCAPTCHA and custom CAPTCHA questions. You may select your CAPTCHA type from the options:

  1. Log in to the admin control panel.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Basic Board Information.
  4. Choose the Enable CAPTCHA for Guests option and select your CAPTCHA type.

Creating Custom Questions and Answers

  1. Log into the admin control panel.
  2. Select the Tools tab.
  3. Click on Question and Answer from the list on the left hand side.

Once at the main screen, click on the + Add New Question button.

It is imperative that you do not make the list of questions and answers public, as that will compromise the integrity of the system.

Questions can be created with as many answers as you wish, any one of which will be accepted as the correct response.

Active questions will be presented in a random order.