Import Redirection

When XenForo imports data from an external source, it maintains a log of what it has imported. This log can be used to find the XenForo thread or forum that corresponds to its original source.

After the import is done, the primary use for this data is to allow old links to point to the new XenForo content, thereby maintaining search engine rankings and preventing broken links etc.

Archiving Import Log Data

When an import is completed, it is possible to archive the logged import data, primarily for the purpose of maintaining the ability to redirect links pointing to original forums, threads, posts and attachments to their new imported versions within XenForo.

Complete / archive dialog

A name for the archive table will be automatically suggested, based on the type of import you are doing, but you may alter this name to be more descriptive if you want to do so.

  1. The name must consist of letters, numbers and underscores only
  2. The name must be unique - there can not be another table with the same name.

If you do not archive the data at the end of the import process, you will have an opportunity to do so should you come to start a new import.

Start / archive dialog

Using the Archived Import Log

Once the import log table has been archived, you must instruct your redirect scripts to make use of the archived table rather than using the default, non-archived table.

  1. Download the appropriate redirect scripts package from
  2. Upload the scripts to your web server
  3. Open the 301config.php file for the import scripts and find the line that references the import log table, and edit it according to the instructions given in that file to point to your archived import log table:

    define('IMPORT_LOG_TABLE', 'import_log_old_forum');>