Notices enable you to show content to visitors depending on various criteria and conditions related to the visitor and page they are viewing. The system is extremely flexible, allowing notices to be displayed to an individual member on a single template, or to all visitors on all pages, as well as many other combinations between the two.

Managing Notices

  1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel.
  2. Click on Notices from the list on the left hand side.

From here you can see a list of all Notices created. Clicking the title will allow you to view, edit, and delete them. Notices can be disabled and re-enabled via the checkbox.

Re-enabling a disabled notice will not make it appear again to members who have previously dismissed that notice.

Creating A Notice

To create a new Notice, click on the + Create New Notice button. You will be presented with a number of tabs which will now be explained.

The criteria that can be used to limit the display of a notice is discussed in the Criteria section. If no criteria is selected, the notice will always be displayed.

Notice Options

The Title is only displayed when there is more than one scrolling notice present on the same page. Individual notices and stacked notices do not display the title.

The Message field supports plain text, images and any other valid HTML. It is also possible to use a {name} token which will be replaced by the logged in member's user name, allowing you to personalize the message.

To have complete control over the appearance, you must uncheck Add default notice text styling. Any additional styling in the Notices section of Style Properties must also be taken into account when using this option.

Guests can not dismiss notices.

It is possible to allow members to dismiss a notice or make it permanent.

Members can however restore all dismissed notices via their account preferences page.

The Display Order will determine the order of the notice in relation to other notices; notices with lower values will display before, or above, those with higher values.

Styling Notices

General styling of the notice container, individual notice panels, and the navigation tabs, which are visible when there is more than one scrolling notice on a page, is achieved via the Notices section of Style Properties. It is also possible to change the speed and direction of scrolling notices, or alternatively, display multiple notices stacked on top of each other.

To have complete control over the appearance, Add default notice text styling must be unchecked for each notice and any Style Properties settings must also be removed.

Each notice can be individually styled using inline styling and by using EXTRA.css and utilising the notice ID. The notice ID can be obtained from the browser address bar when editing a notice. It takes the form of admin.php?notices/test-notice.1/edit, where the value after the notice title is the ID, in this case 1, which would make the CSS class for that particular notice .notice_1.

Using Notices

The following video demonstrates the Notices system in action: