Templates are the building blocks of XenForo's look and feel. They are written using HTML 5, CSS 3 and XenForo's proprietary xen: template syntax.

By editing template HTML and CSS, you can change XenForo to look exactly how you want. Your only limit is imagination.

Editing Templates

The Template List

All the templates used by XenForo are listed in the Templates section of the Appearance tab in the Admin Control Panel.

The interface allows you to see at a glance which templates are unaltered, which have inherited customizations (orange) and which are customized in the current style (red).

To edit a template, simply click its name.

Customizations may be reverted to the default by clicking the delete button.

Template list

The Template Editor

The template editor is a powerful tool for authoring, editing and customizing templates.

  • The primary template is loaded into the left-most tab. You can edit any template directly included or required by the primary template by clicking on its own tab.
  • If you make any changes to templates, the tab containing that template will show a small dot, reminding you that you have unsaved changes.
  • Customized and inherited templates are identified by the background color of their tabs (red for customized, orange for inherited).
  • You have quick access to the color palette for the current style by clicking the color gadget in the top right of the template editor display.

When you have completed your changes, clicking the Save button will save changes to all modified templates simultaneously.

Template editor

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