Multiple systems in XenForo allow you to define criteria that must match for the user or the page. The exact context and use of the criteria will vary per system. As such, not all criteria options displayed here may be applicable in all cases.

Some places that use criteria are notices, trophies and user group promotions.

If multiple criteria are defined, all of them must be matched. If no criteria are defined, the criteria may always or never match depending on the system in use.

If conflicting criteria are defined, for example selecting guest status and a user group, then the criteria will never match successfully.

User Criteria

Various user-related criteria can be defined, including:

  • User status.
  • User groups.
  • Message, like, and trophy point count.
  • Like to message ratio.
  • Number of days registered.
  • User profile settings.
  • Specific user criteria such as user name and email address.

Date Criteria (Notices Only)

It is also possible to set criteria to only match before, during, or after a specific time period.

For any visitors not logged in, the guest time zone specified in Basic Board Information will apply.

The time can be set to a single time zone which will affect all visitors at exactly the same time, no matter which time zone they have set in their account preferences. Or, it can be based on the time zone they have set in their account profiles, which will mean members will match the criteria at different times to each other.

Page Criteria (Notices Only)

If you wish this criteria to match in categories, Create Pages for Categories must be checked in the Node & Forum List section of the Options.

The simplest way to target a particular page is to use the Nodes option. Multiple nodes can be selected, be they categories, forums, or pages.

The Page Information criteria are far more powerful and flexible, but do require some knowledge of the template system and underlying code.

The Selected Navigation Tab refers to the ID of the tab, which is not necessarily the name of the tab. If the Forums tab has been renamed, by editing the phrase for example, the ID entered in the field would still be forums. Any tabs created by add-ons can also be referenced here.

The Content Template field allows for a specific template to be targeted. When used in conjunction with the Nodes option, it allows you to, for example, set a notice to display in a forum but not in the thread view. This can be achieved by selecting the forum from the node list and entering forum_view in the Content Template field, thereby ensuring only forum node pages meet the criteria.

To identify the name of a template, using your browser, view the page source and look for a line of code near the top of the page similar to this: <div id="content" class="forum_list">
The class denotes the template name, forum_list in this example.

The Controller, Action, and View Class fields require some development knowledge of the code and are outside the scope of this document.

Custom User Field Criteria

If you have defined any Custom User Fields then this tab allows you to define specific criteria related to them.