User Group Promotions

User group promotions are a means of automatically adding members to user groups, to alter their user title, user name styling, or permissions.

Managing Promotions

  1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Click on User Group Promotions from the list on the left hand side.

From here you can see a list of all promotions created. Clicking the title will allow you to view, edit, and delete them. Promotions can be disabled and re-enabled via the checkbox.

Creating A Promotion

To create a new User Group Promotion, click on the + Create New Promotion button. After giving the promotion a title and selecting the user groups to add the promoted users to, various criteria can then be defined.

The criteria that can be used is discussed in the Criteria section. If no criteria is selected, the promotion will never be awarded automatically.

Promotions are governed by a routine cron task which runs every hour.

Once the promotion has been saved, any members active recently, who match all of the criteria, will be promoted. If a member no longer qualifies for the promotion, due to their status or the promotion criteria changing, then they will be demoted and removed from the user groups(s).

An Example Promotion

For the purposes of this example, all members will have their first five posts pre-moderated. After that they will be promoted into a new user group which will allow them to post freely. This is a typical use for user group promotions, to allow moderators to vet all initial posts by new members and catch any potential spammers.

The first step is to configure the Registered user group with the base permissions all members will have. As we want all members to be pre-moderated initially, then the permission Follow message moderation rules must be set to Not Set (No).

The next step is to create a new user group, which we will call Verified Member, and in that group we set the Follow message moderation rules permission to Allow, while all other permissions stay at Not Set (No).

Now create the promotion, giving it a title of Promoted Member and check the Verified Member user group. For the criteria, select User has posted at least X messages and enter a value of 5.

Once saved, the first 5 posts of all members will be pre-moderated. Once they have made 5 posts they will be automatically promoted and added to the Verified Member user group, allowing them to post normally. Note that their posts will only go through normally after the promotion has run. It is not instantaneous.

Managing Promoted Users

Clicking the Manage Promoted Users button will allow you to view any previously promoted users and also manually apply or prohibit promotions to individual users.

Promotion History

To view promotion history, enter a user name and/or select a promotion. If no user name is entered, a full list of all users affected by that particular promotion is returned.

Any users who have been automatically promoted will appear in the list with user name, date and promotion title; any who have been prevented from being promoted will have their entry appended with Promotion Disabled, any who have been manually promoted will be appended with Manually Applied.

Any users manually demoted will no longer be eligible for that particular promotion, even if they meet the criteria.

Users can be demoted by clicking Delete. The entry in the list will then be appended with Promotion Disabled.

Clicking the Delete again will make the user eligible for that promotion once more and remove the user from the list, until the next time the cron task runs, assuming they still meet the criteria.

Manual Promotion

Users can be manually promoted or prevented from being promoted.

To manually promote a user, enter the user name and select the desired promotion. Manual promotions override the criteria and the promotion will remain in effect indefinitely, even if the user does not meet the criteria.

Similarly, users can be prevented from being promoted, which will also override the criteria.

Manual promotions can be removed in the same way as automatic promotions, via the promotion history page.