The ability to moderate content and users is an important aspect of any online community. A moderator is a user with special privileges, enabling them to perform this role.

Creating a Moderator

  1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Click on Moderators from the list on the left hand side.

Once at the main screen, click on the + Create New Moderator button.

When creating a moderator, they can be defined as a Super Moderator or Forum Moderator. A super moderator is able to moderate all forums, except where node permissions prevent that. A forum moderator is only able to moderate those forums for which they have been granted permission.

The system has been designed to be very flexible, making it possible to only assign the permissions necessary to perform the tasks required.

There are however, some important considerations to bear in mind with regards to moderator functionality.

  • In order to have access to all of the moderator tools and functionality, a user must be explicitly made a moderator.
  • Adding a user to the Moderating user group does not make them a moderator, it only accords the user title and permissions associated with that user group.
  • The Moderator Bar is visible for all users who are made moderators. However, the Moderation Queue and Reported Items are only accessible with the following moderator permissions enabled:
    • Moderation Queue - View moderated threads / posts and Delete thread by anyone and Edit post by anyone.
    • Reported Items - Delete post by anyone or Edit post by anyone.
  • Other users will be unaware of users with moderator capabilities which have been granted in this way.
    If a user is given moderator permissions without being made a moderator, the Moderator Bar, Moderation Queue, and Reported Posts will not be accessible.
  • Administrators do not automatically have moderator capability; they must be explicitly made a moderator, or granted the permissions, as with any other user.

Assigning Permissions

Moderator permissions can be assigned via user groups, to a user individually, or as a combination of both.

It is recommended to set the Moderating user group permissions to the lowest common set of permissions for all moderators and then increase individual moderators' permissions accordingly.

Revoking Privileges

User-specific privileges can be revoked at any time by editing the permissions of the user in question. Similarly, the Moderating user group permissions can also be changed which will affect all members of that user group.

Deleting a moderator involves simply clicking on the Delete icon next to their name on the list of Moderators. This will also remove all moderator permissions and remove them from the Moderating user group.

Using The Moderator Tools

The following video demonstrates the moderator tools in action: