Languages and Phrases

XenForo includes a robust translation system to ensure that your forum looks correct for users in particular parts of the world or who can read specific languages. Languages consist of a number of configuration options and thousands of phrases.

The phrase system allows you to adjust the text that is displayed by XenForo. Generally this is used for translation, but you can also change terms to a more preferable version.

Pre-Built Languages

Fully translating XenForo to a different language is a time-consuming process. You may be able to find a user-created translation for the language you need. You can install a pre-built language within a few minutes and will usually only require maintenance when upgrading to a new version of XenForo.

A wide variety of pre-built languages are available in the XenForo Resource Manager.

Creating Your Own Language

If a pre-built language doesn’t totally suit your needs, you can create your own language. Alternatively, you can modify a pre-built language to fit your requirements more specifically. Both approaches will require you to understand the language options and phrasing systems in more detail.

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