Your XenForo 1.1 Wish List


Now that we are expecting XF 1.0.0 Gold release in a week or so, I think it is right time to recollect our wish list for the next enhancement release(s) XF 1.1.x

Here is mine:

- RTL [crucial]
- Tags [almost essential]
- Thread Prefix [very important]

What is yours?

True. When these features are incorporated, i will get it.


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My wish is for people to stop referring to it as 'gold' and use 'stable' instead.

Thank you sir, I cannot stand the term "Gold" - pukesome!

Not sure "Stable" is accurate though... perhaps...

1.0 Final
1.0 F (for finished!)
1.0 Donediddlydone!
1.0 Suckonthis*insert horrid megacorp name*
1.0 Lovely!
1.0 Wedidit!
1.0 Yay!


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My wish list...

Multi Page - Multi Quote Queuing.
Topic Owner + Staff group (selectable) only topics.
Last read by - in Personal Conversations.
Gallery - Media Manager


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I've always used the term gold. Infact, I'm sure I've used that word to describe when version "in your face <insert jealous corp here>" in the pre-sales section alot.I'd like to think that when XenForo does hit Gold, Henry Kelly will rear his ugly head and the theme song "Going for Gold" plays momentarily 30 seconds before customers can download.

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Priority I:
Thread Prefix
Custom Profile Fields

Priority II:
Voting Feature for Threads

Nice To have:
Many great official Developer Documents / Tutorials:p