Your XenForo 1.1 Wish List


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Now that we are expecting XF 1.0.0 Gold release in a week or so, I think it is right time to recollect our wish list for the next enhancement release(s) XF 1.1.x

Here is mine:

- RTL [crucial]
- Separate Admin and Public Interface Phrases [almost essential]
- Tags [almost essential]
- Thread Prefix [very important]

What is yours?

Jose Amaral Mota

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I will wait for its release instead... Already know the product is flawless as it stands... Would rather see most suggestion created by a group of coders instead... Odd that I do not see coders just team-up and make popular (commercial made) addons...


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1) A built in photo gallery, with comments and likes
2) User group permisisons for file upload types and file sizes
3) Custom navigation tabs along the top menu

I would be a very happy chappy then


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My wish is for people to stop referring to it as 'gold' and use 'stable' instead.
I don't call it 'stable' because in my opinion even RC1 and earlier Beta versions were stable enough. Being a software developer I strongly believe that there is no guarantee that a software tagged as stable is one hundred percent bug free. If you insist I may call XF 1.0.0 (supported). But for me stable has no distinguished meaning for the release.


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It's stable as long as one doesn't stuff loads of useless blizzard all over it.
A bus is stable until you fill it with concrete.

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On topic.

A (properly) integrated gallery that can also pull feeds from flickr, photobucket and the like. (Properly)


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Instead of a lot of new features, I'd just like some features that it would make it easier to admin, like being able to delete more than one error in the error log at a time, allow multiple selections of things to remove in the admin, being able to search a thread while reading it. etc.


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I think an infraction system is probably top of our list by a long way.
Being able to search within a thread would be nice too, as would things like thread prefixes but much lower down.