Add-Ons for my feature wish list


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I am looking for these add-ons, mainly for the XMG, MOST important one in RED:

XMG RSS Feed improvements
  1. ability to set number of items that are shown in the feed (10 20 or 50, should be admin configurable option)
  2. Instead of showing last 20 or 50 pictures uploaded, show last 20 or 50 updated categories. For large sites, updating many categories a day or week, often more than 50 pics per category, it will allow the users to see last certain number of categories updated instead of just last 50 pics from one category.
  3. ability to enable or disable rss feed for a category

Scheduling uploaded media?
How about XMG having the ability to schedule uploaded media and when it is published/visible to the users?

Lets say you upload 100 or 500 pictures in one or more categories and you only want certain number to be published in per day, maybe 20 a day. So the scheduler would take the first 20 (or however many you select) uploaded pictures and publish them and next day the next set of 20 and so forth. This would save time and also allow automated updates to the gallery without manual daily uploads, etc.

category list improvements:
Some of the category list improvements I would like to see in XMG. If you have a large category list (4500+), like i do, you would probably know what I am talking about.

  1. allow auto sorting of top level categories and their children under them, at least alphabetically. So top level categories are always in order and same with their child categories.
  2. to make the list load faster, only show top level categories and once clicked, that category's children. Loading one page full of 4500+ categories is awful.
  3. ability to push permissions and settings down from top level category to its children instead of managing each category by itself, one by one.
  4. When browsing the category list on gallery home page, make the list and which category user is at more apparent/stylish rather than "bold" category.
  5. perhaps we can do something about WHO can delete categories? Not just anyone who is admin... any admin being able to delete category and everything under it is dangerous.

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