Add-on I'm new to XenForo - what would be good add-ons for my FPS forum?

This is my first time using XF, and the only add-on I have is one made by my friend ShadyX which gives you some ad space in your sidebar.

What would be some decent add-ons as a starting point for It's only been open a couple of months but I feel it's lacking something.


Chris D

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The first thing to do is to answer the question "what is it lacking". No one other than you (or your members) can tell you what your site needs.

I could say "you need a blogs add-on". But if you or your members have no inclination to write blogs then that's going to be a waste of time. Decide for yourself what your users need or want and then go from there.

Rigel Kentaurus

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There are a few themes that are geared towards a gaming-related forum
Fusion Gamers -
Titan Gamers -
Nedulas Gamers -

If you are planing on offering a "clans" area for people to crate groups/clans and chat semi-privately among them, check one of the groups add-ons, FPS are popular for having clans or guilds with their own space

There is no Ladder System, but there is XenTorneo -


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A chat addon, I'd think, would be a good investment, especially for gamers who might want to connect quickly.

Another thing I've seen that people love are raffles, so that might be an interesting thing to offer to users. Just my two cents!