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XMWidgets - bd Widget Framework Extension [Paid] 1.4.1

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Daniel Hood

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Daniel Hood submitted a new resource:

XMWidgets - bd Widget Framework Extension - Additional Widgets for bd Widget Framework!

bd Widget Framework is an excellent add on that makes changing the side blocks of your entire forum very simple. It's also very easy to work with which is why I've decided to make some widgets for it.

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All the widgets can be seen on this site: Similar threads (when viewing a thread, if similar threads are found),...
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Could you help me please with the Similar Threads Widget, this dont work. This are my Settings:


But i dont see any Similar Threads suggestions. :(

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Ah now it works.

Daniel Hood

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So its working now?

Similar threads are found by breaking the title of the current thread into words and searching other threads titles for those individual words. you can set the minimum word length to avoid irrelevant words matching.


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For Users Widget, can we have an option to ignore users with the default avatar (male/female), because they fail to help identify users?

Daniel Hood

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One of mine? or the birthday one? I have nothing to do with the bd widget framework addon, I just made this extension which provides numerous new widgets to go with it.

Daniel Hood

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$conditions = array(
            WidgetFramework_XenForo_Model_User::CONDITIONS_DOB => array(
                'd' => $day,
                'm' => $month

            // checks for user state and banned status
            // since 1.1.2
            'user_state' => 'valid',
            'is_banned' => false,
That's how he gets the user's for the birthday widget... it should be ignoring all users that are banned. What version of XenForo are you using and are you using the current release of bd widget framework?