1. T

    XF 2.2 How to display content of a specific post within a widget?

    I have been trying to figure out if there might be a way to select a specific post within a thread and have it displayed in a widget on the home page (not forum view) with any images or media embeds included. For instance: In an ongoing thread, let's say someone posts an image or a tweet (not...
  2. Will Franco

    How do I display a widget to guests in a specific node?

    How do I display a widget to guests in a specific node?
  3. D.C Style

    Beta D.C Style - Widgets Importer 1.0.0 Beta 1

    Introduce Add the possibility to export & import widgets. Can export specific widgets to XML file. Can import widgets from an uploaded XML file. Can delete all widgets with a one-click button.
  4. D

    XF 2.2 Show HTML widget only to logged out visitors

    We are trying to create a 'sign up' button on the sidebar for users who are not logged in and wish to hide it for anyone who is logged in. We tried to use this statement in the display condition box of the HTML widget: <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.isMemberOf([1])"></xf:if> But it isn't working. Any...
  5. kolakube

    WordPress bridge plugin (beta) - user verify, thread replies, conversations, and more

    Over the last few months since switching my forums to XenForo I have been building the addon I've always wanted since I started selling my products online - a way to let my customers verify themselves to my support forums. In years of selling products online I have been manually promoting new...
  6. CinVin

    [CinVin] Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets)

    CinVin submitted a new resource: CinVin: Home - Instant "Home" page for XenForo widgets Read more about this resource...
  7. CinVin

    [CinVin] Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets) 1.0.1

    CinVin Home is a quick and easy way to have a XenForo "Home" page for widgets. There are no manual edits required, automatically creates a "Home" navigation menu, pre-installs the same XenForo sidebar widgets displayed on the Forum home page, and has multiple spots for ads and widgets! Having a...
  8. Jonathan Long

    XF 2.1 Widget HTML

    In the manual it says the HTML widget won’t fetch any data. What is the best work-around? I have a WordPress/XenForo bridge and I’m trying to put an HTML widget from the WordPress part of the site onto the forum widget. As of now, simply copy/pasting the HTML code results in styling issues...
  9. Jonathan Long

    XF 2.1 Widget Display Conditions

    Adding a couple widgets, and I need to have them display for certain situations/users. The first one I want to display only to visitors. Got that one handled using this: !$xf.visitor.user_id Now, the second one I need to display only if someone IS a member of one specific user group AND NOT a...
  10. BassMan

    [cXF] Staff Menu 1.1.7

    Description: Add staff bar links to visitor panel with some extra features. The default staff bar is removed, because all admin tools are now in account visitor panel (with optional Staff tab for widgets) or in dedicated Admin tab in account visitor panel. See more below. Features: remove...
  11. Neutral Singh

    Lack of interest Ability to Sort Widgets by Drag & Drop or Simple Manual Sorting on the Main Widgets Page

    Just like in Nodes, a simple ability to Sort widgets by drag & drop (left) or simple ability to manually sorting (right) on the main widgets page would be ideal. Right now we have to go into each widget to change their positioning.
  12. Hristo Avramov

    XF 2.0 2 widgets side to side in forum list above nods ?

    I wonder if it is possible to make 2 widgets to appear side to side in forum list view : above nods. Currently there I do not see option for this but is it possible with some css?
  13. Neutral Singh

    Lack of interest More Widget locations in Thread View & Forum View Templates

    I want to show Share this Page widget (for example) right at the top on all pages. Currently, only forum list location is available to show this widget at the top: Forum list: Above nodes Forum list: Below nodes I would love to have the following locations for...
  14. Alien

    Could we have a new "Widgets" selection in the XF 2.0 Resources section?

    Guess the title says it all. ;) Would like to see all widgets in one place for convenience. Thanks! -Jason
  15. CabCon

    XF 2.0 xenForo Widget Positions - How can I set a widget to any other position than 'sidebar' and 'sidenav'?

    Hello guys, I'm trying to apply a widget to forum_list_above_nodes in a Template HTML. <xf:h1 hidden="true" /> <xf:widget key="custom_new_threads" position="forum_list_above_nodes"/> Unfortunately if I try to save the template: Line 3: Unknown position 'forum_list_above_nodes'. Supported...
  16. clackey

    Duplicate Widgets Not Accepting a Display Order

    Can't seen to enter a display order for the Public: Sidebar bottom widget. Won't allow me to enter a number and +/- doesn't do anything. Actually, seems like all of the positions on the right column have the same issue.
  17. R

    XF 2.0 Always visible Thread sidebar widget styling?

    Is it possible to apply a style or something to make a thread sidebar widget always-visible? As it is, on a long thread the sidebar is only visible when you scroll to the very top. When you click an unread post and are taken to the bottom of the thread, you won't see the sidebar widget unless...
  18. HenrikHansen

    Any live examples xf2 widgets and a portal page?

    Would like to see an example of what done in xf2, if anyone has one live.
  19. R

    Page as portal homepage

    With XF2 it's really simple to add a Page as the homepage and populate it with widgets to create a "portal" page. As a few people have asked how to do it I thought I'd post this quick guide. Go to admin.php?nodes/ and click Add a Node Select Page as the node type: Set up the Page node and...
  20. R

    XF 1.5 How can I show sidebar widgets at custom home page?

    I have created a page node and set the default index page to it. Now I have added sidebar code in "Page Options" and also included some template to show but all widgets are not showing here :( I have used following code: <xen:sidebar> <xen:include template="sidebar_visitor_panel" />...