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Whoa! Before you jump to conclusions - this is just a silly tiny addon which was my initial attempt to test the waters of the new XenForo addon system :p

What it will do is increase the trophy points of each user as they load every page by the amount you set in the options (default is 0). It will also allow you to award trophy points upon posting (default is 1)! Requires this fix: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/fixed-datawriter-hook.5272/

Effectively, this will be replaced with an actual port of my vBCredits II Deluxe addon for vb - although that will be much closer to the gold release of XenForo and assuming I can get the hang of all the related parts quick enough :D It's radically different (but arguably better) than the internals of vb. So no requests!


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:D Kier traded dated procedural code for snappy object oriented code. Its all very modern and progressive, but consistent scope has flown out the window and related code is now shattered into a million various pieces where the location of anything in particular is largely a guessing game :p I just have to re-learn where everything is again, that's all. I do love the web 2.0+ polish especially on the admin side - and am very happy on the adoption of jquery! Feels just like vb when using it through a browser, but completely rewritten internally like vb4 was very sorely supposed to be (but I guess that was the point). Oh also the autoloading was a curveball that took me by surprise. "How does it know the crazy folders and filenames I'm using!?!?!!?"


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Good to see you here, DW. I mean, I knew you guys were working on it, but I didn't expect even this this soon!


Owning a bunch of domain names is pretty meaningless sorry - otherwise domain squatters would have ruled the world long ago!
Besides, you seem to have many combinations of name available to you which can be used equally well to name your project(s); you can't claim all of them.

Additionally I don't see how to edit thread titles and I'm not interested in getting an additional domain name as the base of my operations, oh well.

Martyn - this addon creates a setting for you to change it to 0.01 if you want :)


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Looks like Darkwaltz4 got his mod done first... I say keep the name, you have the mod up for us to use!!!


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Would just like to mention (in response to Peggys legalities comment) That owning a website domain does not, in any way, confer copyright or trademark rights =). Creating a domain which uses words or terms which are already trademarked or copyrighted however is a different matter.

xF Credits is not trademarked, nor is there any existing product which can claim copyright over the name.

Not a discussion, just a statement of the facts involved to clear the matter up, hope thats ok Brogan/Peggy.


Anyway, I am actually poking around some more and I've aaaaalmost got it to award trophy points during posting! That might make this slightly more interesting. Again to reiterate, this is currently me learning xenforo while sharing the results :)