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Hello, I get the message that there is an error while connecting to Youtube:

OK, I found out, that the API Key was missing...
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fahad ashraf

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hmm....seems to be having a problem connecting to youtube......by the main submit function...
i tried 2 different link structures....same results :(

Oops! We ran into some problems.
An error occurred while connecting with YouTube. Please try again later.

i set all permissions to yes and tried the test as admin....what else can i try?
how you fixed this error ??


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get new api key.....you must also "start new project" or similar option it seems like....for the new api to work....
i have had to do it a couple times since install but its worked both times ;)


Uploaded this and setup the youtube API. I have two keywords setup and have manually submitted one video.

How do I scrape youtube for videos with specific keywords ?


I'm having a lot of problems getting this right. I suspect it's the Google api. I've tried multiple api's, several new projects, rebooted my server, and still getting error messages every time I try to upload a video. Ironically, oftentimes the video is uploaded and viewable even after getting the error message.. This is the latest error message I've gotten, the others are mostly just the Ooops! We ran into some problems. At least this one lists some clues to what the problem may be. error_medio.png


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Your server has the copy() function via allow_url_fopen=0 disabled. Basically, your server has disabled the ability to copy files from an external URL. Enable it.
I want to give limited access to guest to view videos, made adjustment in user groups.it'll only show the page but no videos. is there additional steps to make that happen?


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Hello @Jaxel,

Thank you for your great work. 👌

Is there anyway to import content from a youtube channel ? (i can upload playlist but i don't know if i can upload the full channel)

Also, for the moment, i'm using the feed rss importer to create an automatic thread when There's a new video on a channel :
Did you plan or is there any possibilty to import video in automatic to xenmedio ?


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I have sort of a dumb question. Where do I see the moderated videos to approve? I've double checked all permissions and I should be able to approve videos awaiting moderation but for the life of me I can't find where.

Also, I was curious how to adapt your local HTML 5 service to my own site?
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Scratch the last post I made. I read the FAQ and saw the info how to get local files to work. Great stuff.


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Jaxel updated XF2 [8WR] XenMedio 2 (Media) PRO with a new update entry: - CHANGELOG

  • Added Odysee as a service. I dont know why, but thumbnails can not be fetched for some videos. I don't understand what determines when a thumbnail can and can't be fetched. For instance, I had no problems fetching thumbnails for LotusEaters videos, but I couldn't get anything from SaltyCracker.
  • Added some checks so that if a thumbnail fetch fails, it does not error out and simply sets the default thumbnail.

Read the rest of this update entry...