XF Style Framework ? Anyone Interested ?


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Hey all,

Fellow XF style design soon to join the community :) I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in creating a XF Style Framework that is to be freely available everyone one and anyone who is a licensed XF customer. This will ensure we see some spectacular XF Styles flowing out (Both Free and Premium) Designers offering Premium are welcome to not only contribute but extend this for their own use).

I would like to head a group of talented designers / XenForo users etc (or anyone with a opinion) in offering a XF Style Framework, basically after a little inspection (not the amount of time i had planned on originally) Ive noticed the XF Styles are limited in terms of implementing 3rd party features and or additions.. The template system is amazing and we are yet to scrape the surface of what can be done.. To raise the bar I would like to release a XF Framework that is co-contributed by the general XF community in which we can start off small and continue to grow and further develop this to assist the average designer or even site owners the ability to compete with the top designers.

I propose the following:

A XF Style Framework that is freely available and will be a addon based / addon driven framework that will allow almost unlimited features / ideas / conditionals / options to be added and implemented into a default XF Style.

A lot can be done already via the XF Style system but is a tad limited, with a addon we make it easier for end-users (average site owners) to adjust settings / tweak settings or options even extra features what otherwise would of required code changes etc.

I do not like the idea of a select few companies / people having unlimited options and others being limited so (I am shooting myself in the foot also as i will be offering premium designs via my Expert Pixels project shortly) but I am going to follow through with this on my own if no one else is interested, but would love some support and fellow designers / coders to jump aboard and really help get this established for a start.

PM's welcome
, but anyone who is keen please let it be known and if we can get enough interest I have a domain name and XF license to fire up a new site purely for this framework. I am interested to see what support comes through (if any as i am going to annoy some of the "Premium" guys who use similar frameworks for their XF styles) and if there is enough interest i shall ask Kier permission to go ahead and we can take it from there).

Regards, Darren