Anyone interested in an open-source email digest add-on?

If you would like XenForo to have an open-source email digest, please reply to this thread. Let's build momentum for it.

I'm new to XenForo so I may have missed something but so far I haven't found any email digest script or add-on comparable, for example, to Mark Hamill's phpBB Digest Mod. There is @netkingZ's xenDigest but that serves a different purpose and isn't open-source. There was the Daily Digest Email System script by @smoseley which might provide a starting point but it isn't being maintained nor is it an add-on.

I've seen @TigerXtrm offer to pay for such a digest and @Neutral Singh ask for info on digests but get no apparent response – which is a bit discouraging.

Nevertheless, having such a digest is really important for many forums. I see that Discourse, the open source forum software that is coming on strong and likely to provide XenForo with serious competition in the next few years, has such a digest built into core.

I'm not knowledgeable enough with XenForo to be the lead programmer, but I'd be willing to be part of a team.

If you either would like to have such an add-on or would be willing to be part of creating such an add-on, please reply to this thread and lets see what we can do.



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I really think this is needed. Xendigest looks exactly what I need but seems no longer available. User never replies to you request to buy it or to the discussion thread. A digest ad on is so needed and something a really need


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I'd be willing to pay for (or contribute to the creation of) an addon that allowed users to say 'Receive Daily Email Of All Replies/Watched Threads' instead of receiving email after email after email....

Honestly, I'm amazed this isn't a core feature.