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Anyone interested in an open-source email digest add-on?

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Discussions' started by StarRiver, May 18, 2014.

  1. StarRiver

    StarRiver Member

    If you would like XenForo to have an open-source email digest, please reply to this thread. Let's build momentum for it.

    I'm new to XenForo so I may have missed something but so far I haven't found any email digest script or add-on comparable, for example, to Mark Hamill's phpBB Digest Mod. There is @netkingZ's xenDigest but that serves a different purpose and isn't open-source. There was the Daily Digest Email System script by @smoseley which might provide a starting point but it isn't being maintained nor is it an add-on.

    I've seen @TigerXtrm offer to pay for such a digest and @Neutral Singh ask for info on digests but get no apparent response – which is a bit discouraging.

    Nevertheless, having such a digest is really important for many forums. I see that Discourse, the open source forum software that is coming on strong and likely to provide XenForo with serious competition in the next few years, has such a digest built into core.

    I'm not knowledgeable enough with XenForo to be the lead programmer, but I'd be willing to be part of a team.

    If you either would like to have such an add-on or would be willing to be part of creating such an add-on, please reply to this thread and lets see what we can do.

  2. gavpeds

    gavpeds Active Member

    I really think this is needed. Xendigest looks exactly what I need but seems no longer available. User never replies to you request to buy it or to the discussion thread. A digest ad on is so needed and something a really need
  3. MilesB

    MilesB New Member

    I'd be willing to pay for (or contribute to the creation of) an addon that allowed users to say 'Receive Daily Email Of All Replies/Watched Threads' instead of receiving email after email after email....

    Honestly, I'm amazed this isn't a core feature.

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