XF 1.2 Style Framework / Options help


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Hey all,

I have one personal project that i just need to get off the ground before committing 100% to XF Styles for the foreseeable future.. Now anyways i did a lot of work with WordPress and created my own WP theme framework which really gave my themes and edge in terms of adding lots of extra polish / options to my themes.. Anyways I am really wanting to learn the XF Styling system a lot better and am asking for any assistance i can get here.

I would like to know how to basically hook up a admin options page that would display in the XF admin section.. Are there any tutorials on doing this ?

Really do appreciate any assistance on this topic.. and as i am striving to produce some really solid / unique XF Styles in the coming months i am certainly open to working with some people / having a few quality designers join me for my project "Expert Pixels" as i mentioned above i have one person project i need to fire up ASAP before i can commit to EP 110% but am trying to get to that point ASAP.

Regards, Darren


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I have one resource talking about the basics of style properties, look for my resources you'll see it. It's extremely basic but its a starting point.