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Lack of interest xF SEO Suggestions


What makes vBulletin good at indexing is vBSEO because of the "Pinging Service" it offers

It would be amazing if there was "Pinging Service" @ New Threads Merged with xenForo without addons


xF is a very light software but still not light enough when it comes to search engines' spiders

i suggest to create another few "Hide from SE/Visitors" options
e.g : SEO options --> Hide Signatures from Visitors (already exists)


rel=nofollow for links (Optional)

(Sorry for my bad English)


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No pinging software available from what I see. However, you don't really need it. XF's SEO does 10x that vBSEO does.

This is coming from an old vBSEO customer. I have used vBSEO on both an established site, and a non-established site. I have found that xenForo has done better than vB3/vB4 with any SEO enabled. vB4 did worse than vB3 with vBSEO, FYI. So, I know.

Hide from visitors is a stock xenForo feature. It's a toggle. Easy on and off.
It could just be me, but 90% of the sites I see from similar topics that are running xenForo out-rank their vBulletin equivalent (or similar)