Lack of interest SEO suggestions & RTL support


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just a little suggestion for Mike and Kier:
Try to work on more SEO features and options

1. Pinging on new threads .
2. Merging a Sitemaps generating system just like vBSEO.Sitemap.Generator .
3. Customize URLs rewriting .

and i my question is when XenForo is going to support RTL direction ?


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and i my question is when XenForo is going to support RTL direction ?
XenForo 1.1

This will be the first release of major new features since XenForo 1.0. There are lots of things going in, some of which we have hinted at in posts around the forum. There are also a few things that we had originally slated for 1.1 that will now be pushed back to a later release in favour of getting 1.1 out sooner with an array of completed features.

Here are a few features that will be in XenForo 1.1:
  • Right-to-left layout mode for Arabic (etc.) language support
  • Thread prefixes, definable at a per-forum and a per-user group basis
  • Warnings for trouble-making users
  • Ability for members to ignore other members
  • Custom user profile fields
  • Daily statistics
  • Admin CP search
  • Improved admin and moderator logging
  • Additional thread viewing permissions
  • Criteria-based user group promotions
  • A notice system to display messages to your users in certain circumstances
This is not an exhaustive list. We will expand the feature list over time, but some improvements may be a surprise with the release itself.

We will be detailing many of the features of XenForo 1.1 over time via the Have You Seen...? forum.

XenForo 1.1 will be released this Summer.

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Most people are quite happy with the "SEO" aspects of Xenforo.
Have you noticed Xenforo under performing in this area ?

Have you tried the sitemap generator addon: Xenutiles ?


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i know
and XenForo is doing great is SEO bizz
but we want the best of greatness for XF in SEO

about that add-on,
i would prefer to use a merged sitemaps generating options, more than an add-on