XF official forum issue

Ryan Kent

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For the past few hours my connection to the XenForo.com site has been really bad. Pages take a very time to load, I often get time out errors and cannot access pages. I tried rebooting and switching pc's. Issue remains. Are others having issues? (the funny thing about this post is that most people who are having issues can't respond lol )


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There seems to be a network/routing issue which is affecting those in the US (and possibly elsewhere).
California is definitely affected as another member from CA has the same problem.


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No problems from Japan in the last few hours. Normal speed, no delays noted.

There's likely a problem on the path your ISP is choosing to get to XenForo.com.

Edit: Or, What Brogan said... hadn't heard of problems in the U.S. till just now.


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Yep, I asked Kier if it was something specific affecting XF's server but it isn't as he as access just fine though there are a few of us having trouble (myself, Peggy and a few others who mentioned having problems via Twitter).

Guess we just have to wait until it passes. :(


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And here I was thinking it was an ISP problem at my end.

Yeah guys, pages are taking a while to load over here in Pakistan as well.


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Ohio here. Darn irritating it is! Been going on for almost 2 hours, maybe more. Try to get on the site, server timeout. Keep refreshing, finally get on. yayyy!
Click on links, What's New, anything at all..... brings more server timeouts.