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Hi all,

I am a web designer and in recent years ive focused a lot on Forums Styles / Skins / Themes etc.. and when i first heard of XF i did purchase a few domains.. Anyways i was wondering if i could get some feedback regarding legal issues..

I am really looking forward to designing styles for XF.. i do not intent to profit in any way from my work, any styles i create will be released for free.

I won't switch on the domains if i am not permitted to use them, i will forward them to the rightful owners if need be, so please if i could get some feedback from the Dev's that would be great.

Regards, Darren


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Q: May XenForo be used in domain/site names?


.... Therefore, we are not giving permission for XenForo to be used, as part of a site name or domain name (or any name).
Xen may be used, foro may be used. But XenForo, xenForo, Xenforo, et al, may not legally be used.