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XF 2.0 Search-Box Design & Layout

Since everybody knows Google and is used to see a "Search-Box" in the middle of the website, for quick and easy searching, I would suggest to put the "Logo" and the "Search-Box" into the center of the website.

The left-portion of the search-box could have a "dropdown-element" which lets you select either "Forum" or "Threads" or "Resources", etc. in order to refine the search.


Mockup XF 2.0:


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But you have to admit, that you go to google to use the search and on a forum to not necessarily use the search... Therefore it does not make sense to highlight the search that much.
If you are not a regular XF-user, the "Search-Box" itself is hardly visible and difficult to find (both with XF 1.0 version and also with XF 2.0 version).
I think the key thing here, is the sites where it's appropriate to have a significant portion of the screen taken up by search, is those sites where the focus is searching.

Search is clearly crucial for forums, but it's not the key thing, as Gamorreaner mentions above.

Certainly if you wish to have your search box front and centre like this, it would be pretty trivial to do it with template edits and CSS.

The search field actually works similarly to XF1 in XF2 so we actually do have the ability to show more options up there when the search field is focused. We have made improvements there.

Obviously the style isn't finalised, yet, and things are subject to change, though I certainly wouldn't expect us to be making the search so prominent by default.
hard to garner user-feedback when you move suggestions into "closed suggestions" immediately...
Since its not suitable for majority of the boards who don't concentrate mainly on search, and it is said they won't be adding it currently I guess it's alright to be moved.

You can probably achieve this with template modifications and edits yourself rather than having it built this way which most forums wouldn't make use of as they aren't search centered unlike Google.
hard to garner user-feedback when you move suggestions into "closed suggestions" immediately...

They weren't looking to garner support for it. Its not planned lol.

I assume one goal is to get newbie users to actually search. That won't help and neither will... anything. I can put a GAS LEAK sign on a Taco Bell and watch customer walk right in. Just human nature.

I don't think anyone would consider the few major sites and hundreds of minor sites that might like this to be a majority share of Xenforo licensee's. In that regard they are going to shoot it down. Which they did. However as said already sites that want it will have it within minutes so its not a big deal.
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