XF 2.1 XF 2.0.12 to XF 2.1 - Poor Performance


Hey all, just completed an upgrade to XF 2.1 from 2.0.12. Disabled my addons prior to upgrading, then updated them after finishing the upgrade. Noticed I'm getting some really poor loading speeds now since the upgrade. It can take up to 7-8 seconds just for the forum homepage to load. Forum would usually load instantly on 2.0.12, so I'm not sure how to approach this currently. Anything specific I should try? Already tried disabling all addons to see if one of them was the issue, which it's not since I'm still getting those slow loading times.

PHP version is 7.1.14 and MySQL version is 5.6.41-84.1. Attached a webpagetest result as well.


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  • PHP 7.1 is old, I'd try to upgrade to 7.3.1
  • Your TTFB is kinda slow, you need to investigate the bottleneck
    Is Opcache enabled and working properly?
    Is InnoDB configured properly?
    Do you use a cache (Memcached or Redis)?
  • You must configure your server to properly cache static content


No, I mean server file cache/Opcode/Memcached/Cloudflare etc. - where, depending on settings, you can still be serving old versions of files.


I'm on hosted, so no access. Or do you meant the browser cache?
+1, also hosted. I'm just limited to selecting our PHP version, which I believe our newest is 7.1. I believe I need to request 7.2. If you think it's worth asking, I'll give it a shot.

Not sure what has really happened since the upgrade, but for the most part, it seems back to normal. I wasn't doing any caching prior, so I've enabled just the basic front-end and back-end caching now just to see how that goes. Going to take the other suggestions and see how I can work on the TTFB. I wouldn't mind giving Cloudflare a test run, gonna have to look into that.