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Ok site is working great.

Update on xenWoW. I have found a few issues regarding the change of tabard image/color in game not updating with the addon, members below level 10 are processed but throw an error since there is no data to grab with those accounts. Aside from that, adding guild achievements page then release of Alpha 0.0.1 where I will leave it be for a week or two of testing by alpha/beta testers which I don't have but one so need more. If interested let me know via PM and we can discuss the perks and such.

Mike Edge

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I'll help test if needed, as you know I lead a guild :D

Anyway, Most of this stuff your doing is more towards a casual/family type guilds. What about more hardcore guilds ranked in the realm top 100 of their realm type stuff. I would be more interested in the stuff WoW Progress does with the API.. I'll use my guild as example..

The guild ranking widget..

I like it shows were the 49th highest rank guild of the realm.. I don't like the "" link in it. A widget within the addon would be perfect, then it could also be customized to site colors, etc.

Guild Progress.. One thing I loved about the EQDKP portal was the progression widget, and now with the API that didn't exist back then.. A progression widget could be a lot of fun

Something like this from the API..


But that is way too cluttered .. Should show Progress XX /13, our case 13/13.

Then instead of all that info.. A faded picture of each boss from that raid.. If the API registers a guild kill, then the picture turns brighter and scrolling over it gives a tool tip..

Something like:

|----------------------------------------------- |
| Hellfire Assault (normal difficulty) |
| First Kill - Oct 19, 2015 (Realm 62) |

Roster... I could care less when I go to my roster.. who's leveling.. Who's a low level alt.. Who's a low item level friend of a raider with no interest in raiding.. I care about one thing.. People there to make progression!

So, I'd like to see an alternative option rather then the WoW armory, to something more like WoW Head does..


Total number Level 100's in the guild, How many accounts in the guild have at least 1 Level 100.
Our case from above 71 total level 100's, 52 different accounts, 19 level 100 alts.

Rank isn't really important from table 1 as that is just their rank in the guild.. 2 = officer, 3 = Core Raider, 9 = alt etc.. Don't really need that..
Important info when I look at our roster is Class, each name has it's class color in it's name and Item Level.. What I'd also like to see is personal raid progress added..
Along with Main Spec/Off Spec

So let's take Migos for example.. It would look like this..

Migos (in yellow for Rogue) 720.00 item level 13/13 normal 5/13 heroic 0/13 mythic Main: Sub Off: Combat.

As you can also see from the tabs for each class at the top.. It let's you sort by class as well

So say I need to find a warrior replacement for tomorrows raid. I clic on my warrior tab, and there is all my level 100 warriors, ranked in ilevel (progression and spec added).

Hope this helps!


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@Mike Edge Interesting concept. See I've never viewed what I'm doing as casual or hardcore but now that you have put that in front of me, I can see building a few more options to give it that casual or hardcore feel then based on that display certain things. I'll have to dig into how wowprogress utilizes the API to come up with the numbers for total and unique as well as the ranking. I may see if wowprogress has an api to pull data such as rankings then that would save me a little coding on my part.

I'll get Alpha 0.0.1 released then go into doing what you suggested as features for Alpha 0.0.2

Update: Just looked into WoW Progress, they have some API functions I can utilize to give that hardcore feel to the addon so I'll be looking at adding those features in Alpha 0.0.2


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Ok those who may be reading this, that is what I'm looking to gain in this thread, not only give a first look at what I'm working on but looking to other players to give suggestions on what they would like to see in either the first stable release or a version there after.


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After some debugging, I have discovered a few other bugs that must be fixed prior to finishing the Achievement page. Once those are done I can move on to Alpha release. I'm looking at end of next week release but release date is subject to change. I would rather make sure everything is in good shape before I release and have more minor releases than I want to.


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With the current progress of my project, I decided that I will hold off its major debut for a time. The reason I'm doing this is I found out that there are a large group of people on another forum software that wish to see this ported so I'm going to release both versions, one for XenForo, and one for the other software at the same time. This will keep me from stressing over releasing a port after xenWow is released to this other software. In the meantime, I will continue to work on bugs and fix them as they come up to avoid any major bugs coming up after Alpha release.

Sorry for the long delay in a post, I try to do weekly posts but here lately been planning a trip to TX so haven't had a lot of time to do posts or fix current bugs but as of tomorrow I'm back on top of things. That is my fault for not making a set schedule for planning a trip and working on the addon.


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Sorry real life happened, split from my wife so had to put development on pause. I'm working on this again. I don't want to give an exact date but possible to be a month out, no promises. I want to try and make sure this will grab Legion data as well.


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As I have pulled my backup, I find that I never created the install file so that will be coming first and foremost but aside from that everything else is intact, just a few admin permissions and settings then it should be back to working order.


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As I have pulled my backup, I find that I never created the install file so that will be coming first and foremost but aside from that everything else is intact, just a few admin permissions and settings then it should be back to working order.
Sorry to hear about your wife. This addon looks amazing! Can't wait.


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I am continuing this project. Its a slow process as I have said before, thought I could push an early release but things arise IRL that require more attention. I will continue this project in the next couple of weeks with a site and email sign up for updates daily or weekly.


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I have made a decision regarding xenWow. I was going to charge for it but as I am doing coding as a hobby now then I will release it for free for all to use. This decision comes in part to knowing that if I charge for it then I am expected to release fixes and provide top of the line customer support. Releasing for free allows me to treat it as a hobby and release fixes at a time that fits my work schedule and family life.


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I'm sure too. I have a plan to allow donations in the future where donations will allow those who donate any amount above $5 access to beta versions for testing and early access to stable releases. That means members will get access to stable releases anywhere from weeks to months ahead of announced release date. Still fleshing out the new site design and plans for the donations but I will update this thread once I have gotten the new site up and running.


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Quick update, I have a new site, hosting paid up for months this time, and will be launching the new site very soon. Check my signature for the address to keep an eye on updates. Once I have xenWow on the site then donation portion will open up allowing those who wish to donate to get into the testing phase for it permanently as I continue to build on it. There will be more WoW related addons but someone here once told me, finish one addon and release stable before starting a new project. That is what I"m doing this time around.


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Became a day laborer running my own business so development has been slow. I'm still working on it. Have a few features left to add then Alpha is ready for testing.