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eLo fellow Xenforo Users,

Lately I have been setting up a forum for my guild called Gurubashi Surf Club in World of Warcraft, and I havnt really published it yet so the forum isn't active as of now, but I would like you guys to take a look on it and come with ideas and feedback :) There is a few bugs still which I am aware of as the SSL certificate on the twitch page as twitch doesnt use SSL the live streams wont load, so I have to find a fix for my .htaccess :) But besides from that, please come with feed back and ideas on how to improve :)


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How has everything worked out on your site Shamatix? Id love to move our guild over here... BUT.....

I have a multi game guild in 6 games. Two of them have alliances with other guilds. And we have an event calendar for each chapter that allows guildies to sign up for quests even on mobile!

We currently use ShivTR. Love the guild features but looking for the great forum tools and admin that xenforo has.

What has YOUR experiences been?