XenVetana (was XenVetica)


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I just made available a new style here at XenForo.com - it's the same as the normal one, except it's using the classic Helvetica font instead of the usual Trebuchet / Georgia / Calibri combination that XenForo normally uses.

Anyone like it? It's very clean, and emboldened Helvetica text is much more obvious than emboldened Trebuchet... Still, I'm not proposing a change to the default, I'm just trying stuff out :)


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I don't like it so much for the posts, but the navbar and node titles look nice with it. I still prefer default for the numbers and other information on the sidebar though.


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much better and more relaxing to read..........
still the font-size of the button "Post New Thread" is very very small compared to the font-size of the navigation-items.