xenshop? or an equivalent mod


Back in January I had started working on migrating my website to xenforo, and the only big piece missing was a shop system. I found this system: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/paid-mod-xenshop.19252/

I then had to concentrate on other things until recently, and now I'm working on this project again. Problem is I am unable to contact the author of this mod, so I am wondering about two things:

1) has anyone seen any recent updates/info regarding this add-on or the author? I am unable to send him a PM or contact him in any way.

2) assuming the add-on author ditched this mod, is there another shop system that has an "image shop" type of thing, and the ability for users to purchase additional user groups to gain additional permissions. Either with a built-in virtual currency system or a compatible separate one.

I will be unable to switch to xenforo without such a feature, back when I purchased xenforo it was under the assumption that I would be using xenshop...


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1. No updates (although there may be something in line in the near future...May/June) of xenShop
2. The add-on author is working on fixing some personal issues which is why it may seem "ditched". Although the most recent version seems to still work if I remember correctly.

By the way, never assume that an add-on author will continually support it. There could be many factors as to why an add-on author may discontinue providing support. If it is something that is necessary to bring your site over to xF, then you may want to look into hiring someone to provide you the add-on and ongoing support. But, be sure that your contract/agreement with them includes ongoing support for "x" amount of time of some sort. Good luck to you.