XF 1.5 Replacement variable or equivalent?

I am upgrading my large forum to xf and one thing I see missing is replacement variables, or an equivalent solution.

I have a lot of band forums on mine, and I will have a sidebar on each that I would like to include each band's own twitter, facebook, purchase links, info links etc.

Is there a built in way XF handles this under another name or ?
What I am looking to do isn't live on my current site, was going to add that as part of my relaunch with XF.

I have hundreds of band/festival/music related subforums: ultimatemetal.com/forum/

Template wise, the code would be the same, I just need to swap out specifics about each band/fest, etc. like their own social media user names, amazon links, bio and/or album list, etc. I'll check into the conditionals now, thanks!

EDIT: Looks like the conditionals route would get chaotic with the number of child nodes I'm dealing with. What I liked about variable replacements were, it showed the empty boxes for the replacement bits on each individual style for each band, and I was easily able to fill in the pertinent info and save, done.
Yeah playing with that now. Seeing if there's a similar way to do it with that, without having to create duplicate code hundreds of times for each node.