Xenporta problems

Ok, we've installed Xenporta on our site, but have had problems with certain aspects of it. So, we created a test site of our forums, and initially were able to move the blocks around to have things appear where we wanted them. Recently, however, we're not able to do anything with the blocks, whether to rearrange them, take them out, replace them....nothing.

Any ideas what we should try next to alleviate this problem?

Please also keep in mind that I'm still quite the newb at all this. :)


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"Customize this page" is a cookies setting and will only effect your computer

Use the admin panel to make it a permanent look.
Doh, I'm not sure how the js files suddenly weren't there, but I did upload them, and it works, as far as moving the blocks.

Now, a new problem.....

While trying to make a landing page, we suddenly end up with this issue when trying to access our test forum, causing us to have to disable Xenporta if we want the site to show up. Currently, I've left it enabled so we can figure out this problem.

Our test site is: test.guildascendancy.com


That is all that showed, Doc. I did a "PrntScrn" of the entire screen.

Sorry if that isn't sufficient, but that's all I saw. As I said, I'm a complete newb at this and am trying to "learn it on the fly", so if I miss something I apologize.

Where do I find these tables now?

EDIT: ok, found it in the MyPhP Admin, clicked drop and dropped it from my Database for our test site. Still have the same error. *sigh*