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Hello. I hope it is ok to post this here.

Our site was running really slowly and my webmaster said we needed to upgrade our server.

He did it last night, and pages were loading very fast this morning.

But we had a critical issue we couldn't figure out:

Several members contacted me and told me that when they tried to login the forum was recognizing them as the wrong member. (All the same wrong member too). This happened to me as well.

We reverted back to the old server and it looks like the forum is working, but it is incredibly slow.

Can anyone help? Please!

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Probably. We do use Cloudflare.

What do you think?

Why would going to a new server affect this?

We are also not getting 2FA emails, but my developer says it's not related to the loggin issue and he feels he knows how to solve that one.
From another member:

I also got logged in a another user (can't remember who--2 letters and a number for a username?) and around 6:30am the forum seemed to think it was still yesterday (posts from last night were allegedly posted a few minutes ago and were considered "today", according to the software).
I think my guy has figure this out. Thanks for all your input. The unanimous agreement that it was a caching input was very helpful.

We are going to try again today at 1pm ET.
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Well it looks like all went reasonable well. For reasons I can't understand a few posts lost all their pictures.

If anyone has any ideas about why that happened or how to fix it, please share!

On the upside the site is MUCH faster!
I assume these are locally hosted pictures? Not sure. I don't think its related, but make sure you read the sticky about backups at the top of this forum.
Were they locally hosted? If so, I can only assume that a fresh file backup wasn't taken before the migration again. If they were hosted somewhere else on the internet, its unlikely to be related.
I've learned that the new server is on the latest version of php, but XF is supporting the previous version.

Not seeing any issues, but wondering what kind of problems I would potentially see?

Any idea when XF will move to the most recent version? Do I need to ask my webmaster to revert to the older version?
PHP 8.0.x is the highest supported version. You can try newer, but you are only guaranteed that it will work with 8.0.x to the lowest supported version (somewhere around 7.4?)
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