Add-on XenMods/XenReviews Hiring

Daniel Hood

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Attention all (qualified) XenForo developers,

I am seeking to expand my team. I have a few people I have been giving work to for the past couple of months but I still have a heavy workload. I am looking for qualified (I'll determine this based off what I see around the community in addition to sample code you send me) people to help with work.

You'll mostly be working on adding features to my existing XenMods add-ons. After I get comfortable with your skills and style, XenReviews work will follow.

With working for me, I don't expect you to stop freelancing or producing your own add-ons but I will require that you don't have any competing products. I realize that may eliminate a few of you instantly. If you're still interested though, we can work something out, don't hold back from sending me message.

If you are interested in working a few hours a week, please send me a message with your skillset, the amount of money per hour you would like, and an example of some of your work (an existing add-on will work).

Thank you for your time.