Skilled Web Administrator Hiring an XF Developer as Intern (possible future job opportunities)



I am the web administrator over at (portfolio page) & (hobby website I administrate and founded)

I have a genuine idea that I have been planning on and working on for the past month that will not only help the halo community, but after this project has been finished, I am wanting to add this add-on to the resource list for the XF community to use for their benefits (This plugin essentially is a tournament / custom games system and is going to be the best one xf has to offer!) . I have strong web skills, but am still learning XF development.

This idea is almost prepped and ready to go flow chart wise and I am in need of an individual whom might be interested in bettering their skills and portfolio by working with me, ultimately aiding in potential job opportunities with me personally or other, building your reputation, and a superb review from me.

This idea consists of reading & writing to a database and am i need of a skilled developer to work along side me. I manage and created as a hobby, but as a hobby - I have learned all my skills from following my passion and building my portfolio for projects like this. If you are interseted, please shoot me a message via or via XF Community forms message.

In conclusion: (Volunteering to help out and collaborate will result in bettering:)

  • -Learning better communication skills
  • -Working in a small team environment
  • -Quality review from a respectable web admin & staff
  • -Portfolio work to show off for other job potentials (freelancing or other)
  • -If decided to sell or make plugin purchasable after finished, we will split the revenue and costs 50/50
  • -Potentially learn some web IT stuff if interested.
  • -Extra permissions and custom user group title
  • -Working in a creative atmosphere and having fun playing the new Halo MCC & H5 on Xbox One
  • -Other potential extra incentives for being apart of the staff and team

Optional Plus Requirements:

  • -Individually Motivated
  • -Fun
  • -Easy to talk to
  • -Professional
  • -Has work portfolio to show off (xf development, php and mysql preferred)

Thanks for your interest!