XenMods Is Expanding

Daniel Hood

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XenMods Is Expanding
At the end of last year, I filed for an LLC. At the start of this year, I started looking for another developer to help me. I started having him go over stuff this morning.

Custom Development Work

Are you looking for a developer? We are interested in working on both large and small projects.
They will be helping me with all my XenForo related projects; custom work, existing add ons, new add ons, everything. None of you will likely communicate with them, I'll be doing most/all of the support and they'll be doing most of the development. I'm not publicly listing a rate, if you are having something developed please send me a private message. The pricing will vary depending on if you want full rights or to just commission something to be released to the public along with a few other details. Although I may not do 100% of the coding of the projects, I will be reviewing them in great detail before releasing them.

Existing Addons
All of my existing add ons, even some that haven't been touched for a while, will be seeing updates due to this. I'm going to introduce the add ons to him one at a time though so don't expect me to release updates to every add on in the next few days or anything crazy. Do not get the wrong impression. I am not passing my add ons to someone else, I am simply bringing someone else in. These are still my addons, XenMods is still my site, and I will continue to be the one providing support.

New Addons
Down the road we will be creating new add ons. First things first is getting existing ones updated. The new developer's main focus is going to be custom development, and then working on existing add ons. My focus is going to be XenReviews and supporting existing add ons. Which leads me to:

I am going back to working on XenReviews primarily and Jeff is going to be working on the associated add ons (XenGrid, XenCashier, and XenFields). This was a lot of the motivation for me hiring this new developer. I am going to be shifting a lot of my attention to XR and therefore needed someone to assist me with my other stuff. The developer will not be affiliated with XenReviews.