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xenForo vs Vanilla


Well-known member
Anyone here have any experience with both xenForo and Vanilla? I'm partial to vanilla's layout, and it's a bit of work to do it with a xF theme, just to redo it every time there is an update.

Can someone who has used both tell em the pro's & cons of each?



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I don't like the Vanilla forum layout, but maybe it's bc I just haven't seen enough. The one thing I wish I could look more into is their Gamification/Badges system to see how they do it. Right now I have a coder finishing up something that my guess will be similar to what vanilla has (gamification mod) but since I only recently saw they had this and I've never used their software, I really don't know. Other than that, I think their payment plans are ******** which is why I went with xenforo for my new project rather than vanilla.


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Well, it's no contest. Vanilla is so 'basic' it's close to impossible to run a decent site on it. I wanted to get it running for a client of mine and to discuss with my editors on my blog (so it would be no-registration), but it was horrible to work with. I chose myBB instead.