Optimization, security, customization or: How I jumped on my own sword :)


After years of weighing pros and cons, I've decided to do it, and published my forum on bikegremlin.net domain.

A fresh install, and a brand new forum.

I suck at visual design. Thankfully, XenForo's default settings align with "my brand" pretty well, so I just made sure not to ruin it. :LOL:

What I did concentrate on was security, spam prevention, and "technical customizations."
Here is where I took notes of most stuff I fiddled with (will try to keep that up-to-date with any new changes):

  • Setting up Cloudflare Turnstile anti spam.
  • Gmail and GitHub account registration (Microsoft sucks, and Linkedin integration seems to be broken).
  • Configuring the footer copyright to automatically show the current year.
  • Adding Google Programmable Search to the forum's advanced search.
  • Adding a mod/admin only visible menu item, that lists the users with unconfirmed emails, sorted by the registration date.
I did my best to keep it "vanilla" so to speak: no addons, and no heavy customizations (at least as far as I know).

Left to do:
  • Some kind of caching (LiteSpeed or Redis - we'll see).
  • Configure Amazon SES or similar mass-mailing service.
I suppose both of these things can be done if and when needed (i.e. if more than a dozen people join the forum).

Any suggestions, especially corrections, are more than welcome.

Boring details:
I started in the BBS days, over Usenet, and forums, as user, moderator, and administrator.
After having seen a lot, and tried different software, my conclusion is that XenForo is the best the least bad (I'm a pessimist 🙃 ) forum software.

The basic idea of the forum is to consolidate questions, comments & replies on various different platforms (in more detail about why I made the forum).
We'll see if I end up regretting that decision (so far so good). So far, it's been a lot of work to set it all up, but hopefully it will be more help than hassle in the long run (though I'm not sure - as the title of this post shows :) ).

Hello Relja!

Nice to see you on XenForo and wish you the best with your forum project!

For the basic setup to run your ideas it is more than enough. I like your WordPress site too (especially the content - keep up!). Subscribed to your RSS ;)
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