Issues with certain emoji(s?)


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Affected version
2.2.15, 2.3
Originally posted here with a bit of mess: XF2.3 feedback and comments. Since, it did not see any response, I am posting this bug report! 🪇

Basically. Xenforo 2.3 (and 2.2.15) seem to have issues with certain emojis which are part of the bundled smiley package. I understand that newly introduced emojis are usually not supported. 🪇

Emoji is maracas. It appears in emoji panel on both 2.3 and 2.2.15. 🪇

On 2.2.15, you just cannot post it at all. It just disappears. 🪇
On 2.3 here... It does not appear if posted at the very end of the post content. I have placed it at the end of every sentence in this post including here (where it should disappear on posting):
haha. while i would love to see the replacement editor they plan to ship in future. i am worried that it would mess up with my routine to get around the eccentricities while posting on xenforo boards so i would need to develop new routines lol. i absolutely dislike the current editors that vB/IPS and even discourse have tbh. this particular issue seems to be related to how xenforo handle emojis which has always been sort of annoying because it seems to require emoji library updates that ship with xenforo updates to support latest emojis.
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