XenForo Upload Limit Too Small!


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I'm trying to upload the ZIP file for a mod, and its 1.3mb. Its getting rejected because these forums restrict uploads to 1mb only! 1mb is way too small...


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Change it in the options then. 1mb is fine as a default, if you wish to have larger sized attachments then you can increase it in the ACP and PHP.

Edit: Ah these forums, but they run the default which is 1mb. ie a stock install for the most part.


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Still needs to be increased for the designers to upload their release zip files.


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Small concession. I'm betting that won't help the style designers much.
Actually, higher attachment counts would've been nicer for me at least. :p I had about 12 screenshots or so I wanted to put in my add-on post, but they didn't go through because apparently there's a max of 10 things I can insert into a post. Had to subtract to more screenshots because I needed to upload the add-on zip itself and the XML file for phrases.