xenForo running with 278 000 posts

Ok...I thought I was interested in xenforo before I read this thread. Now it's confirmed, I'm SOLD!

(currently running VB with about 500,000 posts, 60,000 members)

Would like to see professional VB -> XF forum conversion services offered. :)
This server is a quad core Xeon with 4GB RAM a single SCSI disk. Nothing massive by any means.

holy cow. that means i am probably using a very overpowered server for my own forum and still it stays pretty much tensed throughout the day. the forum listed below is running on a dual quad core with 8GB RAM. though there are some other sites running on it. i have rarely seen server load below 1 :D i guess the server is not really optimized properly!
oh so there are plans to further improve the search capabilities of xenforo? that's cool.

i would really love it if search results can be accessed through rss feeds. but then that would be too much to ask for :)
I have a vBulletin instance running 1.6m posts, 1,000 concurrent users.

As soon as Xenforo has the ability to have hacks through plugins and is integrated with enough caching (memcache) and search optimisations (sphinx) I will jump.

That said... sphinx is not as much a requirement as plugin architecture and caching. I can buy bigger boxes if need be, but dropping features would really risk a revolt amongst any long standing community.
Wonder how it would run on my forum, 5 million posts, 350,000 + members and 2000 online a day... hopefully in up coming months it will have allot of customizable options and vbseo.
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