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Well this looks beautiful!
I've been so upset after being suckered into 4.0. I will continue to try and get my site working there and then move over as soon as possible and more stuff becomes available. The community on here already looks great so looking forward it's launch!


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Thanks for the information, first post updated.
If you are looking for some expanded verbiage, here's what I'd put:

XenForo permits the application of Permissions by Usergroup, as well as on a User-by-User basis. In competing forum software, permissions assigned per-User (i.e. Access Masks) have had a different approach and different selection of settings, limiting flexibility and leading to confusion on large forums. XenForo offers full parity between individual User and Usergroup permissions with a unified, streamlined assignment interface.

Eric J.

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Sorry for not updating yet guys, I'm trying to wait for a release candidate before I start putting down official information about it.


Waiting for Xenforo to gain some features and going after it!
Really looking forward to replace my vbulletin license :)
Keep up!


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You going to be releasing more XF styles?

Yes we are working for Xenforo and released our first premium theme Obox yesterday and today we are working at a free skin for XF Christmas and New year theme which will be ready soon.

If you like to view demo, http://minerskinz.com/demo/xenforo/index.php

We have plans to create 5 premium themes by middle of Dec12, all designs which we already have for vbulletn here.

Thanks for your Interest