xenForo - Impressions so far...


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I have to say that I'm very impressed with what I see so far.

I like the simplistic approach w/ smaller footprint. But I'm a bit worried that many of the familiar forum UI components/features will be left out.

I DO want xenForo to be different but I also want it to make sense to my members.

Yes, I'm aware that adding the familiar forum UI components will add "bloat" to the software. However, I believe some kind of balance is needed to ensure a successful transformation (upgrade) from forum software X to xenForo.

I know it's too early but I'm really missing...
  • status icons
  • tags
  • social bookmarks
  • paid subscriptions (could be available just not enabled)
and I haven't even explored everything yet


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I think these things should be added to, but not in the first version yet.

Those things can wait.


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Post icons aren't coming back from what I've read, and there is a payment thing (currently integrated with PayPal at the moment).


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actually if you didn't mention those items I wouldn't have noticed they're missing hehe


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I know what you mean. I LOVE the software, despite my limited use so far. But it does feel incomplete with regards to those 'classic' features you expect to see on every forum. I think Kier and Mike have looked at everything and thought about what they feel will work. I can understand dropping post icons - few people use them, and they serve no major purpose on the community. No doubt a modder will release an addon for this.

All I'm really missing is the 'advanced' bbcode editor on 'new thread' and 'more options (reply)'. I've never been a fan of TinyMCE - its a bloated mess (imo). I would really like to see more of an IPB/vB style editor. I'm not so bothered about the quick reply one though...it does it's job.


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  • status icons (not coming back)
  • tags (Agreed)
  • social bookmarks (been confirmed that more Social integration is coming)
  • paid subscriptions (been confirmed there is a system that accepts paypal)