Xenforo Hosting Question & Xenforo IE 10 Question

Justin Justin

New member
What are some hosts someone can recommend for Xenforo?

Currently, I am a futurehosting client and I am absolutely sick of them and looking to not only have a new start with xenforo but also a new host as well.

I prefer US locations though UK is fine.

Currently I have a 2GB VPS with Futurehosting in Miami.

Also, is Xenforo compatible with Internet Explorer 10/Surface rt tablet? I have some difficulties using my ipboard on my surface tablet.

Justin Justin

New member
The hosting forum here is for licensed customers only but no doubt some will respond.

Have you tried this site with your tablet?
It works decently...the ajax is a bit ehhh
but i am more so curious about sites with customizations and addons and stuff like that.

I'm using it on this site(which is of course a vanilla install of Xf) but so far so good.

And i'll wait for others to chime in about the hosting.